19.06.2020 15:44

New container cranes for Belfast Harbour

Ugland Construction AS delivers marine services to TM S.r.l. for transport by barge of two STS cranes in Belfast, Northern Ireland
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05.09.2019 11:17

Transportation of ITS structures

Port to port delivery of substructures for Snorre Expantion Project
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07.08.2019 08:57

HLV Uglen - Njord A Future Project

After the HLV Uglen installed the Njord A derrick more than 20 years ago, we have again installed the derrick of Njord A
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18.07.2019 13:19

UR5 used for roll-on / roll-off operations in Gdynia for Karstensens

Our Gdansk based barge, UR5, in operation for transport of 1680t hull
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16.05.2019 12:57

Transport of Cosl Rigmar to China

Ugland barge UR93 is an essential part of GPO Heavylift's transport of Cosl Rigmar
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18.06.2019 13:35

HLV Uglen installing world's largest underwater restaurant "UNDER"

"UNDER" - Semi-submerged beneath the icy waters of the North Atlantic in Lindesnes, guests are invited to dine five and a half meters below the surface - the panoramic view of the ocean floor providing the dramatic backdrop.
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17.07.2018 08:52

Johan Sverdrup Project - HLV Uglen Lifting Platform Cranes

During a period from March 2017 to June 2018, the HLV Uglen has performed 7 lifting campaigns on the Johan Sverdrup Project at Aibel in Haugesund.
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08.11.2017 10:10

Installation of the Hålogaland bridge

HLV Uglen sucessfully installed 30 bridge elements for the 1533 meter long Hålogaland bridge
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12.04.2017 08:37

Johan Sverdrup derrick installation

HLV Uglen successfully performed lifting operations on behalf of Nymo AS for installation of Johan Sverdrup drilling derrick structures
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24.03.2017 15:21

Salvage operation of FFS Achilles

March 2017: HLV Uglen part of the salvage operation of the tug boat FFS Achilles
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20.12.2016 15:25

Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm

Ugland barges UR96, UR97, UR98 and UR171 part of the Boskalis' Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm Project
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08.09.2016 15:35

Submersible barge operation for wreck removal

Uglands fully submersible barge "UR93" assisting Scaldis for their wreck removal of "Flinterstar"
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13.06.2016 10:34

Equipping of "Gina Krogh" loading buoy for ocean towage

HLV Uglen and Ugland barge UR99 in operation for the equipping of "Gina Krogh" loading buoy for ocean towage
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26.01.2016 14:46

Nyhamna Expansion Project

Ugland Construction AS have participated in the Nyhamna Expansion Project as provider of barge transport services
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01.09.2015 09:32

UMPS performs full responsibility shipment of tidal energy substructures from Poland to France

Ugland Marine Project Services UK was responsible for loading and transport of subsea structures for tidal energy from Gdynia to Brest
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31.08.2015 10:30

HLV Uglen lifted a 1250 ton deckhouse at Flensburg Shipyard

The HLV Uglen lifted a 1250t deckhouse as dual lift together with Danish lifting vessel
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09.07.2015 10:30

Total transport project including lifting of Gina Krog LQ module

Ugland Construction have performed the total transport from Gdansk, Poland to Apply Leirvik of the Gina Krog LQ module. Our Heavy lift Vessel Uglen installed the top section to the rest of the module
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24.04.2015 10:30

Total marine transport of Gullfaks compression module for OneSubsea

Ugland Construction performed a total marine transport including lifting operations for OneSubsea for the project Gullfaks subsea compression module
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02.02.2015 10:30

Ugland Construction and MPS UK LTD have established a Joint Venture

Ugland Marine Project Services UK is established as a Joint Venture to perform marine transport projects in the UK and Europe
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01.02.2015 10:30

UC transport drilling tower for AS Nymo

AS Nymo have fabricated drilling tower as an EPC delivery. Ugland Construction provided the transport from the yard at Nymo to Kristainsand
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01.09.2014 10:30


The heavy lift vessel Uglen has upgraded the lifting capacity to 800t at the Nymo yard. The versatile vessel can lift up to 155m above sea level.
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