HLV Uglen - Njord A Future Project

After the HLV Uglen installed the Njord A derrick more than 20 years ago, we have again installed the derrick of Njord A

Njord A was initially designed to remain in operation for 16 years, but remaining resources in the Njord area have led to the need for restructuring the facility to continue production until 2032.

The Njord A was towed to Kvaerner Stord for upgrade.
Some of the work was to reinforce and renovate the hull to ensure production beyond 2030, as well as become a field centre for future developments in order to be prepared to support phasing-in of third-party fields.
The new and fortified platform is scheduled to resume production in 2020.

HLV Uglen has performed in total 13 lifts For the Njord A Future project for Kværner Stord, using different versions of the high-lift boom and standard boom with/without jib.

It was the same crane operator for Ugland that installed the original derrick on Njord A for more than 20 years ago that removed this in 2016, and in April installed the new derrick.

We are proud to have been part of this project on behalf of Kvaerner Stord.

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