Project solutions


Experience gained over years within marine operations, our marine engineering team provides optimal solutions for marine advisory.
Typical examples of services we provide:
  • FEED studies to define the optimal method for execution
  • Structural design and analysis
  • Sea-fastening calculations and design
  • Load-out manuals
  • Rigging analysis and design
  • Mooring analysis
  • Ballast plans
  • Installation manuals
  • Towing manuals


In additon to heavy lift vessel operations and barge chartering we take responsibility of the whole supply chain of the marine heavy cargo transportation services or we can provide any part of the marine transport.
The combination of a highly experienced ship management company with the cooperation of professional and dedicated partners make us able to provide the complete marine transport supply chain.

See below for some of the areas we supply

Haakon VII's gt. 8, N-4005 Stavanger
P.O. Box 360
N-4002 Stavanger, Norway

Tel: +47-51 56 43 00

Tug & Barge Transportation

- Barge Chartering

- Provision of Suitable and Approved Tugs

- Single Interface for Project Towage Requirements

Load Out / In Operations

- Lift On / Lift Off

- Roll On / Roll Off

- Float On / Float Off

- Engineering, Planning & Execution

Sea Fastening & Grillage 

- Calculation and Design

- Procurement, Construction and Installation

- Carried out in accordance with applicable Warranty Standards

- Removal and Cleaning of Deck

Marine Engineering

- Ballast Plans and Procedures

- Deck Layout and Stow Plans

- Bollard Pull Calculations

- Stability, Motion and Mooring Analysis

- Structural Analysis for Deck and Hull Strength

Project Management

- Dedicated Project Managers

- Ballast Engineers

- Heavy Lifting Appointed Persons

- Load Out / In Interface Management


- Transport Manuals

- Method Statements / Risk Assessments

- Lifitng Manuals and Procedures

- HSEQ Documentatation



Heavy Lift Vessel Operations

Fully manned heavy lift vessel for any marine inshore lifting operation. Standard Boom Version up to 800t. 4 individual crane hooks for max control of the lift. Highlift boom version. Lifting heights from up to 155m.
Heavy lift vessel operations

Offshore Barge Operations

Ugland Construction AS owns and operates a fleet of 11 flat top barges in sizes between 10,000 and 17,000 dwt. (300x90ft / 300x100ft / 330x110ft), one fully submersible barge - all barges with high deck strength capacities and all have internal ballast system.
Offshore barge operations

Project Solutions

We deliver the whole or any part of the supply chain of the marine transportation of heavy and abnormal structures and cargoes.
Project solutions total marine transportation