Equipping of "Gina Krogh" loading buoy for ocean towage

HLV Uglen and Ugland barge UR99 in operation for the equipping of "Gina Krogh" loading buoy for ocean towage

In April and May 2016, Ugland barge, UR 99, and HLV Uglen was used for equipping the "Gina Krogh" loading buoy ready for offshore tow. HLV Uglen loaded the buoy onto the barge at Mekjarvik and deployed the buoy into the sea in Åmøyfjorden.

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05.09.2019 11:17

Transportation of ITS structures

Port to port delivery of substructures for Snorre Expantion Project
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07.08.2019 08:57

HLV Uglen - Njord A Future Project

After the HLV Uglen installed the Njord A derrick more than 20 years ago, we have again installed the derrick of Njord A
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18.07.2019 13:19

UR5 used for roll-on / roll-off operations in Gdynia for Karstensens

Our Gdansk based barge, UR5, in operation for transport of 1680t hull
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16.05.2019 12:57

Transport of Cosl Rigmar to China

Ugland barge UR93 is an essential part of GPO Heavylift's transport of Cosl Rigmar
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18.06.2019 13:35

HLV Uglen installing world's largest underwater restaurant "UNDER"

"UNDER" - Semi-submerged beneath the icy waters of the North Atlantic in Lindesnes, guests are invited to dine five and a half meters below the surface - the panoramic view of the ocean floor providing the dramatic backdrop.
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