Transport of Cosl Rigmar to China

Ugland barge UR93 is an essential part of GPO Heavylift's transport of Cosl Rigmar

Our submersible barge, UR93, is used by GPO Heavylift as a grillage/spacer barge between the heavy lift vessel "GPO Amethyst" and the accomodation rig "Cosl Rigmar"

The barge was floated on board the GPO Amethyst and seafastened before both vessels was submerged in order to float Cosl Rigmar in position over the UR93. The deballasting operation of GPO Amethyst results in Cosl Rigmar to be lifted above water and the heavy lift vessel to be in condition for sailing. The weight of Cosl Rigmar is approx. 13.000t, in addition to the weight of fully ballasted UR93 of approx. 10.000t it is for sure heavy lifting. However this weight is not a challange for the GPO Amethyst as it can carry weight of approx. 40.000t

The Cosl Rigmar was loaded on board in Kristiansand, Norway, in mid May and is estimated to depart for Tianjin, China, later in May.

We are proud to part of this operation and wish GPO Amethyst a safe journey to China.

Link to video of the loading operation

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